Frank Kern’s $100,000,000 YouTube Ad Formula

In this video you’ll learn Frank’s ad format for YouTube ads.

5 Big takeaways:

  1. Repel people who aren’t your audience in the first 6-seconds so they SKIP the ad. This is because YouTube doesn’t charge you for the view if the ad is skipped.
  2. Tell them the benefits of watching the ad.
  3. Put in a CTA before the main content. I did this on a webinar once and got a $45,000 client on the first day.
  4. Give valuable content. Give results in advance and give them a chance to pay to get better results, faster.
  5. Future pace next step and mindread objections they might have for taking the call to action.

Also notice how Aleric Heck does a reaction video to his own ad, and how it is almost the exact same structure as Frank’s:


Aleric’s video has one addition – he moves into a screen capture educational section that might or might not bog somebody down (maybe he’s even doing that intentionally to get people to ask for help.  His goal is to get people to schedule a free call where he tries to sell them into a 12-week, $20,000 strategic consulting program.

I’ve done a lot of private training with Frank, and bought every one of his courses going way back to Mass Control.  You cannot go wrong if you follow Frank’s guidance.  Follow him on YouTube here.

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